Shortly after my Ehlers Danlos Syndrome diagnosis, I remember being frustrated and overwhelmed, feeling I would not have access to appropriate support outside of the healthcare setting. I began connecting with professionals across the United States who had more experience with this condition. “Help me figure out what I can do” was typically how the conversation went.

Delving into research and learning from seasoned experts in treating EDS, I embarked on Pilates teacher training. My aim was to blend a proven exercise method with insights gained from these professionals. Through this process I created a unique approach to Pilates tailored specifically for individuals navigating Ehlers Danlos Syndrome and similar chronic pain or injury experiences. Recognizing a shared need among others, I began sharing what I had developed, ultimately laying the foundation for my own practice.

Currently, I work one-on-one with clients navigating EDS, hypermobility, and other types of health conditions and chronic pain. I pour myself into learning as much as I can from research, as well as connecting and partnering with professionals who are invested in supporting patients with EDS/HSD. These partnerships have been incredibly fulfilling, as we are all working to better the experience of patients navigating this condition. My passion for research-based patient care, as well as my dedication to helping further the knowledge base for this special population, fuels the work that I do.

- Catherine

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